Japanese Yuzen Paper – Pink Floral Strips - - Chiyogami Paper With Gold Accent for origami, craft & scrapbooking

Japanese Yuzen Paper – Pink Floral Strips - - Chiyogami Paper With Gold Accent for origami, craft & scrapbooking

Japanese Yuzen Paper – Pink Floral Strips - - Chiyogami Paper With Gold Accent for origami, craft & scrapbooking

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Discover the Timeless Elegance of Yuzen Chiyogami Washi Paper - A Celebrated Symbol of Japanese Craftsmanship


Yuzen Washi Paper, also known as Japanese Chiyogami Paper, is a testament to the finesse and artistry deeply rooted in Japanese tradition. Immerse yourself in its exquisite designs and unparalleled quality that transcend generations.



The creation of Yuzen Washi Paper is an art form in itself, steeped in tradition and meticulous attention to detail. Crafted using techniques passed down through generations, our Yuzen Washi Paper embodies the essence of Japanese heritage and artistry.


Each sheet of Yuzen Washi Paper undergoes a painstakingly detailed creation process. It begins with the selection of natural fibers—Kozo, Mitsumata, and Gampi. These fibers are meticulously processed into a traditional base sheet, predominantly using high-content Kozo.


Artisans then skillfully apply colors through the meticulous silkscreen technique, one hue at a time, onto the base sheet. This intricate process demands patience as each layer of color must fully dry before the next application, ensuring vibrant and lasting pigmentation. The final touch often includes a delicate gold or silver metallic overlay, enhancing the paper with a lustrous finish that catches light and mesmerizes the eye.



Choose from our carefully curated pack sizes tailored for various projects:

  • * ORIGAMI PACKS: Delight in the art of origami with our 5-sheet packs available in 10cm x 10cm and 15cm x 15cm sizes—ideal for intricate designs and diverse folding techniques.
  • * FULL SHEETS: Experience the grandeur of a full-sized sheet (approx. 90x64cm), enabling larger-scale projects and versatile artistic applications.


Note: In case 10cm x 10cm stock is unavailable, opt for the 15cm x 15cm and inform us during checkout for custom trimming. Other sizes may also be available on request, contact us to discuss.



Looking to order in bulk? We offer wholesale pricing for:

  • * 10 or more full sheets
  • * 50 or more Yuzen origami paper packs (250 sheets or more).

Simply contact us with the full sheet designs you're interested in or for a promo code.



  • * Each sheet is hand-silkscreened with pigment-based inks, ensuring intense, fade-resistant colours.
  • * Acidic PH



Yuzen Washi Paper finds its place in an array of artistic pursuits:

  • * Origami
  • * Scrapbooking
  • * Card making
  • * Interior decor
  • * Collage
  • * Bookbinding
  • * Jewelry design



  • * Directly sourced authentic Yuzen Washi Paper from Japan
  • * Impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • * Captivating designs inspired by nature, folklore, and Japanese heritage
  • * Exceptional texture and durability for diverse creative uses



Whether you're an artist, a crafter, or an enthusiast passionate about quality materials, our Yuzen Washi Paper is your gateway to elevate projects to new artistic heights. Add a touch of traditional Japanese artistry and finesse to your creations.

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