Our hobby:

About 6 years ago when my son was 9, he was going through a phase where he felt his life had no purpose. I told him to look for a hobby and he came across origami. One day he came to me and asked if I could fold the 3d triangle modules for him so he can build his 3d masterpiece. Origami became my hobby too.

Our Business:

2 years ago, after attending a Youth In Business workshop Justin asked me “so we can turn origami into a business?”, he came up with the name Origami World and so began our journey to inspire others with every fold.

Our Products:

We want to inspire people to appreciate origami. To enjoy the experience of transforming a piece of paper into something they treasure and be proud of their accomplishment every time they look at their creation.

3d Origami

The 3d origami is new to many people and we supply the modules pre-folded so they are ready to build like legos. We understand kids and many adults don’t have the patience in making the triangle modules which takes about 1 hour to fold 100 triangle pieces, they just want to get into building it.