Our Story:

Origami World was launched from an idea by my 13 year old son (in 2019) who asked the question “Can we turn our origami hobby into a business?”. Today, our is vision for everyone to experience origami and bring joy to those receiving them.

There is a misconception that origami is just a fun activity for kids. Origami is far more than that. Yes it is a fun activity often enjoyed by kids who also benefit from improved STEM learning, it is great mindfulness activity for adults and can help the elderly improve their hand eye coordination and for mental health. Other benefits of doing origami is that it can help boost self esteem, confidence and gives you a sense of achievement after all you literally turned an ordinary piece of paper into a masterpiece that YOU created. You can also pass this forward and give your creation as a gift to someone special.

Origami transforms lives one fold at a time.

We want to inspire people to appreciate origami. To enjoy the experience of transforming a piece of paper into something they treasure and be proud of their accomplishment every time they look at their creation.

We also want to educate the community on the significance of the paper crane which is a symbol of hope, peace & happiness. 

Our Products:

Handmade Gifts/Kits

We deliver unique handmade origami kits, creations, gifts and decorations for all occasions, weddings, corporate events and branded creations through paper transformation. Our origami kits all come with a folded samples.

Origami Paper Supplies

We also supply a large range of colourful origami paper and premium Japanese Yuzen Washi paper.

Corporate Kits

We also work with corporate to deliver unique branded kits and creations for their events, or gifting needs.


Our Services:



We run a range of face to face and online origami workshops for kids and adults. We also take private bookings for groups, parties and corporate functions. Contact us for private bookings.

Commission Work

We commission all kids of projects. Commissioned projects are fully customised to your specifications. We work with you to craft the origami creations you are after, be it for a wedding, corporate event or trade exhibition.

See some of our commissioned projects on our Facebook page @OrigamiWorldAU or on our blog posts.

Our Awards:

Finalist - 2024 Australian Small Business Champion Awards (winner announcement April 2024)

Winner - We are proud to be 2023 Australia Post Local Business Hero.

Finalist - 2023 Small Business Champion Awards

Finalist - 2021 Roar Success Award for Best Handmade Products

Winner - 2020 Roar Success Award for Best Handmade Products