What an event. I hope you enjoyed the BNI Gala Awards night. I certainly did.

You may have spotted some creations by us at Origami World. These included the table flower (including chocolate flowers) centrepieces, the floral media wall.

In addition to making these decorations for events, we also do origami kits, creations and hampers for corporate gifting and school fundraising.

Explore our range of products here at or see some of our custom projects at or

As an exclusive to attendees, you'll receive a FREE GIFT with any order over $70

Looking for unique corporate gift or have an event coming up? Contact me (Kham) on 0435 527 930 for a 121 or a chat over the phone.

We're always looking for collaborative partners such as florist, petrol station, craft shop and gifting businesses who may want to include some of our range.

If you know of a primary school P&C members or the principal, I'd greatly appreciate a connection. I'd love to help the school fundraise for Mother's Day (we offer our chocolate roses), Christmas and Easter. We may even donate a product as a prize for raffles they do.

We also help those in the property industries such as property managers, real estate agents, plumbers, cleaners, interior designers, painters that are looking for something unique to leave behind for their customer once their job is complete.

I invite you to contact me on 0435527930 for a 121 and see how we can work together.