Origami World Installation For BNI Gala Dinner 2022

Origami World was privilege to do the media floral wall and table decorations for BNI Gala Dinner 2022.

Our biggest event project thus far. Initially BNI was expecting around 300 guests which grew to close to 500 in the lead up to the event.

Origami World was tasked to make the table centrepiece and media wall.

Table Centrepiece

We decided to do a mix of red roses and white daisies with chocolate centres plus a single origami paper rose. The red matching the BNI corporate colour and the white for the added contrast was perfect, brightening up the room.

Our table flower arrangements were unique as the chocolate flowers doubled as a favor for guests to enjoy or take home. There's no wastage unlike traditional flower arrangements which are often left behind.

Media Wall

For the media wall we decided to come up with a paper floral wall featuring BNI logo. After all it was BNI event and we wanted the logo to stand out.

As such we chose a pastel pink and white floral background and only using the red paper flowers for the BNI logo design. Each flower was made by hand with tissue paper and toothpicks/bamboo sticks to hold them in place. Over 1000 paper flowers was used to make this custom BNI floral wall.

The Result

The floral wall installation, piecing together 8 panels was a challenge but all came together and the result was a huge success.

The floral media wall became the backdrop for the Photobooth which was an absolute hit. People were lining up throughout the evening to take photos with the backdrop.




If you have an event or corporate function you are planning and after something a little different, reach out to us and see how we can help.