Origami World is Now Accepting Creative Kids Vouchers

We’re official! Origami World is now registered to accept Creative Kids vouchers from Service NSW, and we’re thrilled to be a part of the initiative. 

For years we’ve known that when creativity bends and folds its way around a child’s mind, you get a show-and-tell reward built from personal flair and innovative thinking.

The creative pursuit of origami, boosts brain health by developing excellent hand-eye co-ordination. It enhances fine motor skills and improves mental concentration. It also stimulates both the physical and mental sides of the brain. Best of all, origami doesn’t need a daily recharge!

Why redeem your Creative Kids voucher at Origami World?

Our $100 Origami Mystery Box was a popular choice for for many who redeemed the creative vouchers with us in 2021.

With the new rules as a Creative Kids Provider for 2022, you not longer can redeem your creative kids vouchers for the $100 Origami Mystery Box.

You can however use it to register your child for upto 4 online live workshops. We have a variety for you to choose from, view our origami workshops here.

Essentially, we are scheduling various origami workshops via Zoom throughout the year. You can use your creative kids voucher to book an all inclusive Online workshop. 

  1. Simply select up to 4 workshops your child is interested in participating in.
  2. We will ship the origami supply/kit to you approximately 2 weeks prior to your first scheduled workshop. 
  3. You will receive a Zoom link for the online live lesson the day before the scheduled workshop.
In the the event you cannot make the online workshop, you can reschedule to attend the next one or you may have the option to book a 15min private 121 lesson.


 Click here to view what Origami Workshops you can use with Creative Kids Voucher.

With Creative Kids vouchers now accepted at our online checkout, your next question has to be…

When do I use my Creative Kids voucher with Origami World?

Service NSW has made Creative Kids vouchers redeemable year-round.

Origami kits help school holidays to fly by, punctuated only by joyful screams as a rabbit, swan or flower takes its final shape. Maybe you would like to reward someone after completing an exam? Best part is they get to keep their own creations or DIY some cool origami gifts for their friends.

To redeem your Creative Kids voucher with Origami World

  • Enter CREATIVEKIDS on checkout
  • The amount of your eligible item will be deducted, up to a maximum of $100
  • If your order total is less than $100, the remainder will be forfeited (the voucher can only be used in a single transaction)
  • If your order total is more than $100, you will need to pay the balance via credit card or direct deposit
  • Before we can ship the origami supplies/kits, we will require the following information (which you can provide on checkout):
    • Creative Kids voucher number
    • Your child’s full name and Date of Birth

Creative kids are happy kids. Happy kids let their imaginations run free, and from there, the possibilities, as they grow, are endless. To embrace the beauty of your child’s imagination, click here to view Origami World’s eligible Creative Kids Workshop package.