Can you use Creative Kids Vouchers at Origami World?

UPDATE 2022 - with changes in the rules for creative kids, unfortunately Origami World is no longer eligible to accept Creative Kids Vouchers.

We were privileged to have taken part and were able to accept creative kids voucher during the challenging times in 2021. Majority of those that redeemed their vouchers with Origami World, chose the $100 Mystery Box, filled with origami kits and creations.

The $100 Mystery Box is still available and the items you get varies depending on the time of order. We change the diy kits and creations that goes into them throughout the year. We often include kits and creations that tie up to the special occasions at the time for instance we would include a bunny rabbit and rabbit kit in the lead up to Easter school holidays, a Christmas kit and some origami Christmas decorations in the lead up to Christmas.

In any case you can be assured to receive a minimum of $100 value of origami diy kits and creations.

Although we no longer accept creative kids voucher, don't let your child miss out on the fun. After all, creative kids are happy kids. Happy kids let their imaginations run free, and from there, the possibilities, as they grow, are endless. To embrace the beauty of your child’s imagination, click her to view our DIY Kits range.