Wedding Cranes - 1000 White Paper Cranes Hanging Garland

Wedding cranes are stunning as backdrops especially when there are 1000 paper cranes. 

1000 hanging cranes are popular at weddings as it is said to bring happiness and good fortune for the bride and groom.

To make these white paper cranes, firstly we need to trim A4 into squares, fold the paper cranes. Before threading each crane onto strings, we snip a tiny hole at the peak of the crane's body allowing the strings to be threaded through the cranes.

Using a special needle, we then string the cranes, crystals and knotting them in place. As you can imagine, many hours goes into folding and stringing the paper cranes.

We then carefully pack each garland in it's own bag to ensure they don't get tangled before boxing and shipping these off to our customer.

These 1000 white paper cranes installation on beams was for a house wedding.

Don't they look spectacular?

We now offer hire options as well.