Large Hanging Paper Cranes Installation for Tradeshow

Origami World was honoured to make 160 large paper cranes for a tradeshow held in Gold Coast.

The Display Builders reached out to Origami World, wanting something a little different for their client's exhibition stand.

We decided on large paper cranes in red, orange and white to match their client's corporate colours.

We folded 160 extra large paper cranes made from cutting A3 into 21cm x 21cm squares, larger than our standard 15cm x 15cm sheets. These were then hung on strings with crystals holding them in place.

The Display Builders installed the garlands around the frames they built. Together with the cherry blossoms they added, the stand looks incredible.

If you are exhibiting at a trade show, check out The Display Builders, they make incredible unique displays.

Add a touch of origami to your next tradeshow for visual impact. At Origami World, we create all sorts of hanging garlands, decorations and small giftpacks and giveaways that is sure to attract attendees to your stand.