Origami Paper Supply Box

Do you enjoy origami but have a hard time trying to get a hold of origami paper? This Origami Paper Supply Box subscription is the perfect solution. Each month you’ll receive a different set of origami papers to work with.

We have a range of origami paper sets which includes:

  • Patterned origami paper,
  • gold & silver origami paper,
  • japanese washi paper with gold lining,
  • rainbow origami paper,
  • chiyogami pattern paper,
  • origami cherry blossom paper,
  • even double sided solid origami paper.

Each month will be a surprise – you’ll never know which origami set’s you’ll receive but making origami with them will be so much fun.

You can use the origami papers to fold paper cranes or any other creations you want. Or even use them to make paper flowers or for paper craft. There are lots of free video tutorials on origami on Youtube. Work your way to folding 1,000 paper cranes and make a wish or get creative and make a range of origami creations.

Only $19.95 per month shipped Australia-wide.
Include GST. Or $29.95 per month shipped Internationally.

  • The first set you’ll receive will be a set of mixed origami papers plus how to fold a paper crane instruction sheet.
  • Each month’s origami paper supply box will be different and includes between 16 (premium origami washi paper with gold accent) -100 standard origami paper depending on the set.