About Us

Mom and son with 3D origami display in front of them

About Origami World

Mum and son who loves to create origami masterpieces and to inspire others to do the same. We supply origami papers, pieces, kits and completed designs.

Our origami hobby began about 5 years ago when Justin was bored and felt purposeless. He was advised by mum to find a hobby and so he discovered origami. One day, he asked mum to help make the 3d triangles because he didn’t have the patience, he just wanted the triangles so he can construct 3d creations (like the minion in the photo). As mom is always on the computer given she does digital marketing for a living, needed non-tech time and so volunteered to make the 3d triangle pieces. It was relaxing for mum and soon she became an origami enthusiast. Just before Christmas 2018, after attending Youth In Business workshop, we decided to turn our origami hobby into a business and so Origami World was born.

Realising that most kids won’t have the patience and parents don’t have the time to make the 3d triangle pieces, we decided to make them and supply them as kits. That way you don’t need to spend hours making the 3d triangle pieces, instead you get to jump straight into constructing whatever 3d origami creations you want.

We hope you enjoy our origami creations and invite you to share yours with us #OrigamiWorldAU